Favorite Travel Accessories!

Traveling with the right accessories can make your travel experience more enjoyable and organized.  I’ve listed my favorite accessories below in hopes that they help you travel with ease! 

Packing Cubes: These are a lifesaver when traveling.  My packing cubes help me stay organized and keep me from emptying my entire suitcase on the floor when I’m searching for that one dress I thought I packed! I try to put like items together – i.e. tops with tops, workout clothes with workout clothes, dresses with dresses.

Digital Luggage Scale: I’m a chronic over packer.  I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve been at the airline counter and have had to remove items from my luggage so that they met the weight limit.  These frantic days at the airline counter are no more thanks to my digital luggage scale and the ability to weigh my luggage before I get to the airport.

Portable Phone Charger: When I travel, I use my phone to take pictures, to navigate from one site to the next, research a restaurant or store and the list goes on! I’ve been in a situation before where my phone died while exploring and it was not fun (especially in a foreign country!).  My portable phone charger charges my phone quicker than a wall charger and I never leave home without it.

Evian Facial Spray: After traveling in a car/plane (specifically for long periods of time), your face feels oily and a little dirty.  Evian Facial Spray freshens your face up before you start exploring your new destination!

Umbrella: Rain happens, and it normally happens when I haven’t packed 1 of my 100 umbrellas! I try to keep a mini umbrella with me on my trips, so I’m not stuck in the rain having to buy my 101th umbrella.

Neck Pillow: Traveling in comfort is a must and having a neck pillow with you allows you to get some sleep along the way – especially for those long flights/drives.

Laundry Bag: I travel with a small, pack-able laundry bag to put my soiled clothes in – this makes the transition back home easier with washing clothes!

Outlet Converters: When traveling overseas, you need outlet converters for your electronics and hair tools!

Coin Purse: Cash is King in Europe, so I always carried a small coin purse with me for my Euro.

Earphones: I like to listen to music or watch a movie when I travel.  Make sure you carry two sets with you (sometimes your airline provider will supply you with free headphones for longer flights) – the wireless headphones most of us use will not work with the small televisions on the airplane.

Eye Mask: When I fly for more than 2 hours or have an early flight, I pack an eye mask so that I can get some shut eye.  The silk eye masks are my favorite!



Other items I travel with:


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