I have always loved being on the go! Since I've been an adult, the yearn for traveling and exploring has only grown - exponentially! You'll find me traveling on long weekends (hence the name!) with some longer trips sprinkled in throughout the year! I hope you find this blog to be a resource for all your travel needs.  My Instagram is also a great source where I save highlights of the places I visit, eat and shop for each destination!

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If you're like me when you travel, you use your phone to take pictures, to navigate the city you're in, look up places to eat, drink and more! My phone dies pretty quickly on vacation so I make sure to pack my portable charger in my purse to quickly charge my phone when my battery is low.  I've used this specific charger for years and it hasn't failed me yet! 

Portable Phone Charger

I like to take a couple of sunglasses and my every day glasses with me when I go out of town, but carrying around individual cases is not ideal and I tend to misplace them.  This sunglass travel case comes in two colors and comes with me whenever I go out of town!

Sunglass/Glass case

Anytime I travel in the car or via plane, my face always feels oily after my trip and I want to wash it as soon as I get to my hotel.  That's not always possible, so this spray is the next best thing! It's also a great refresher after a nap and will set you up for success for all the exploring on your next trip!

Facial spray

I'm an over-packer and the worst of them! These packing cubes help me limit the amount of clothes to bring while helping me stay organized during the process and throughout my trip.  My set comes in a pack of 6 - I love them so much I bought another set for those longer vacations!

Packing Cubes

I have tried so many toiletry bags and none of them have even come close to holding what I need to take when traveling - until this bag from Amazon! It comes in two sizes - small and medium and can hold full size bottles (which is a total win!).  

Toiletry Bag






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